‘One train you can’t afford to mi$$’.


A returnable high concept, international action-adventure drama/comedy series.



Stylish, fun, with riveting action and international appeal, LOOT is Raiders of the Lost Ark/Da Vinci Code meets Moonlighting and the best of 007. A seductive, wickedly humorous high- octane thriller and smoking hot romance.

Two star-crossed, mismatched, incompatible, art crime investigators risk life and love to unravel a confounding series of occult clues that eventually will reveal the location of a hidden NAZI TREASURE TRAIN containing priceless art, antiquities, and gold.

Predictably they are not the only searchers on the trail. The $3 trillion collective value makes the LOOT impossible to resist for every international security and terrorist organization on Earth. Some must be prevented from finding the train and its’ priceless cargo at all cost.


Keith Boak

Created by

Keith Boak and Ollie Powell


February 16, 2023