‘This is not Disney-fucking-land’.


An electrifying, returnable crime drama based on the bestselling novels by acclaimed Irish writer Olivia Kiernan – developed in association with Shuffled Productions and starring Victoria Smurfit.



DCS FRANKIE SHEEHAN returns to Dublin’s Serious Crimes unit after a near-death attack that leaves harrowing scars across her back and face and deeper scars upon her psyche. When three ‘Halloween Murders’ rock the city, Frankie must enter the shadowy world of the dark web and underground S&M clubs. A world which threatens to expose the secret that makes her such an extraordinary detective.


“This is a murder investigation. In case you’d forgotten, a young woman has been slaughtered live on the internet for sickos to wank over. Another woman has been hanged and our only suspect has been dumped like a shopping trolley in the bloody Liffey. This is not Disney-fucking-land.”

DCS Frankie Sheehan, Bureau of Serious Crimes, Dublin

As stylish entertainment, FRANKIE is an edge-of-the-seat Celtic noir set apart by compelling storylines, fierce energy, and irreverent humour.

As unforgettable drama, FRANKIE is a revelatory investigation of fear. The tyranny of fear. The attraction of fear. The consequences of fear. And, above all, the courage needed to overcome it.

The heart and soul of this series is a damaged, driven and deliciously foul-mouthed Detective Chief Superintendent: Frankie Sheehan. Heading up the Garda’s Murder Squad in Dublin, Frankie lives to work. But because of a near-fatal attack which has scarred her for life, ‘fearless Frankie’ is now walking scared.

DCS Frankie Sheehan knows what it’s like to die. Stabbed multiple times after bursting in on the killer of 24-year-old Tracy Ward, Frankie’s heart stops. Back-up arrives. Her chief performs CPR. Frankie returns from the dead. It takes her six harrowing months to recover, although she’ll never be free of the scars on her back, shoulder and face – the latter, red lightning streaking from temple to cheek, is a mark of violence for everyone to see.

All Frankie wants is to do her job. It’s the only thing she really loves. But now, for the first time in her life, she’s having to deal with fear. A deep, coruscating fear caused by that life-changing attack.

Frankie’s first case back at work appears to be the suicide – by hanging – of a respected university professor. But intuition and dark welts on two of the dead woman’s fingers tell Frankie that this is no suicide.

Two more brutal killings follow. In all three cases, a brushstroke of Prussian blue paint is discovered on the victim’s skin: the signature of a serial killer.

The body of victim Tracy Ward is exhumed and, just as Frankie suspected, the same signature mark is found on the corpse. Which means that the man who nearly killed Frankie – in prison since the attack – cannot be Tracy Ward’s murderer after all…


Keith Boak / Victoria Smurfit


February 16, 2023