Forever For An Hour


‘A lifetime of getting it wrong. One hour to put it right’.


Christmas/Afterlife/romantic comedy/magical race against time.
With Jason Isaacs, Lennie James, James Cosmo, Cristian Solimeno, Don Warrington.

Harry, a shambolic actor working as a Christmas Santa, is on the verge of his big Hollywood break when he suffers a massive heart attack and dies. He is granted one hour back on Earth to atone for past mistakes before he fades into oblivion forever.

Think the irreverence of Bad Santa with the magic of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.



Harry’s life is a mess. A failing actor working as a Christmas Santa, he’s self-destructive, selfish, and prone to insulting strangers – but certain he can turn his life around. Receiving an unexpected recall for a Hollywood movie, Harry is presented with an opportunity for stardom that would potentially solve all his problems.

When his girlfriend Sarah reveals that she’s pregnant and suggests they marry, Harry freaks out, rejects the baby and breaks Sarah’s heart. He’s not in love with Sarah and is terrified by the prospect of fatherhood and marriage, especially when he still has so much to do. Additionally, Harry grew up without knowing his father and is immobilised by the fear that he would fail a child of his own.

The emotional impact of becoming a ‘Dad’ is so overwhelming that on the way to the audition Harry suffers a massive heart attack and dies. In the afterlife, Harry begs for an opportunity to atone for rejecting Sarah and their unborn child. His wish is granted only if he is willing to trade ‘Forever’ in paradise for one hour back on Earth.

As the clock ticks down, Harry sets out to correct his bad choices and repair the relationships he has damaged. In so doing, he accidentally discovers the path of true love – and the real meaning of Christmas.



Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, Black Hawk Down), Lennie James (Walking Dead, Blade Runner 2, Save Me, Line of Duty), James Cosmo (Jack Ryan, Game of Thrones), Cristian Solimeno (The English, Impact Earth) and Don Warrington (Death in Paradise, Rising Damp)


Suzanne Reid, Joy Harrison, Keith Boak


Keith Boak


Cristian Solimeno


100 minutes


London, UK




Christmas/Comedy/Romance/Race Against Time


Contemporary 2022


February 16, 2023