Do Not Go Gentle


‘80 years old. Past her bedtime. Out for vengeance’.


A high-octane, gripping rescue thriller with an unexpected twist.



Eighty-year-old children’s TV host, Jean Evergreen, is usually in bed by nine. But tonight, she’s staying up late to save a young girl from a Satan-worshipping, drug-addled, cannibalistic cult. Forced to journey into the heart of darkness, Jean takes matters into her own arthritic hands. Can she survive the night and save the child with her very particular set of very limited skills?

The magic and warmth of Mr Rogers with the retribution and blunt justice of The Equalizer and Taken.

A cinematic metaphor for ageing and the universal human rage against the dying of the light.

‘It’s going to be a violent day in the neighbourhood.

Written by

Jonny Perks


February 16, 2023